Project Description

Project portfolio: Costa Bristol refurbishment

Costa, Broadmead Bristol

Costa Coffee remains one of the UK’s brightest success stories, maintaining the status of the nation’s largest coffee retailer. Harvey Fit-Out Contractors are proud to have contributed to that success, having provided fit-out services for many of Costa’s premises for over a decade.

Costa aim to uphold high standards and strong market presence through a continuing cycle of renewal and refurbishment of the existing coffee shops in their estate, as well as bringing on new premises, some deploying forward-looking innovations, such as the energy self-sufficient site in Newport (more about this project…>).

The most recent project undertaken for Costa saw the full refit of an existing store in the centre of Bristol’s primary shopping district. With the gradual withdrawal of divider screens and other pandemic-related measures this store’s extensive makeover also benefited from a subtle update to the brand styling and a fresh new approach to interior décor.

Characteristically, Costa site fit-outs call for comprehensive attention to floors, walls and ceilings, all utilities, video displays, security cameras, lighting, tiling and decorating, together with manufacture and installation of decorative, branded features such as counters, menu boards and wall-mounted, CNC-cut sculptural reliefs. This full refurbishment was completed by Harvey in just 7 days.

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