Retail Space & Display Management

Harvey business support services extend beyond store fit-out. Our ‘Combined Install’ service ensures that your retail space is working to optimum effect, with store layout, product display and organisation plans implemented to guide customer experience, increase product engagement and, most importantly, maximise sales and stock turnover.

Effective product display techniques

Effective store layout, combined with appealing product display, is vital to optimising the return on retail space. Not only by making the best use of your retail space but simultaneously improving sales, operational efficiency, and delivering positive customer experience and satisfaction. These techniques can be as relevant to the smallest independent store as they are to the largest supermarkets.

Harvey’s Combined Install service brings together the installation of shelving and other display hardware to achieve optimal use of store space, with persuasive product display techniques, effective floor plans to manage customer flow paths, and a range of insightful solutions to ensure that your store is best equipped to succeed.

Managing stock inventory

Both presentation and positioning are essential to encourage brisk turnover, particularly important for perishable and date-coded produce with a limited shelf-life.

We can assist with designing the most appropriate floor plans to match your retail environment, encompassing grid or herringbone, looped, free-flow and forced-path layouts to guide movement through the store. These solutions are then delivered and installed by our own in-house retail fit-out teams.

Of course, effective merchandising is about more than arranging aisles of shelving. We can ensure you’re making the best use of vertical wall space too, deploying grid-wall, slat-wall and twin-slot display systems where appropriate.

Always ahead with the latest insights into strategic space management planning techniques and applications, you can depend on Harvey Shopfitters’ expertise in this critical dimension of retail design.

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Retail shelving display installation
Retail shelving display installation
Retail shelving display installation

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