Biometric site sign-in deployed

Harvey Fit-Out Contractors have recently adopted the Donseed Workplace® Biometric Identity Workplace Management system and begun to deploy across all of our project sites.

This system is used to provide accurate visibility of our workforce that are active on site by means of biometric sign-in at the point of site entry and exit. This streamlines the previously complex paper trail of manual timesheets and sign-in registers, providing both live and historic data for management planning.

With so many different trades and sub-contractors attending a typical fit-out site, personnel management is always a primary consideration. This is especially important in areas of compliance, such as ensuring that operative’s CSCS SmartCards are valid and in-date.

The Donseed system manages all of these by means of biometric data – fingerprint and facial recognition software – to provide swift and accurate site sign-in, logging all operatives and the time they spend on site.

We anticipate an improvement in efficiency and reduced pressure upon both site and office-based staff responsible for collating timesheet information, authorising payroll, and maintaining health & safety, training and qualification compliance.